The fees charged by US Corporate Services, LLC are as follows:

  • Company Formation (Texas) $1,250.00
  • Company Formation (Delaware) $1,250.00
  • Company Formation (Other States) Varies by State

The company formation services include preparing the certificate of formation or articles of incorporation, minutes of initial meetings of managers/directors and shareholders, and an initial meeting with the client or written summary in connection with any special issues or questions on which clarification is needed.

  • Registered agent and registered office: $295.00/year

These services include receiving any and all communications sent by the Secretary of State or other state agency in the jurisdiction of the company’s formation, and forwarding same to the client, or holding same for pickup when client so instructs. Documents on which immediate attention is required, such as lawsuits or other official documents requiring answers or information within a prescribed time period, are handled on an expedited basis.

  • Obtaining EIN Number: $500.00

This includes naming the Company as person initial responsible party before the IRS in the EIN application.

  • Representative/officer services: $150.00/month

These services are primarily offered to the principals or owners of companies who wish anonymity or are not reachable easily, and who wish to have others serve in the capacity of managers, directors, or officers of companies.

  • Preparation of Annual Minutes and Maintaining Corporate Book: $550.00/year

These services involve the preparation of annual minutes of directors/managers, as well as shareholders, including the appointment of officers, directors, and/or managers. Generally, the company book is maintained at the offices of the Company unless otherwise directed by the client.

  • Preparation of Bylaws and Standard Shareholders’ Agreement for a corporation, or Operating Agreement for an LLC (Texas or Delaware-prepared by affiliated law firm): $900.00

Preparation of a lengthy document which details all of the governance issues relating to the company and the agreement among the principals/owners of the company. This type of document generally involves active participation and negotiation among the principals/owners of the company.

  • Secretarial Services: $30.00/hour

Services include phone answering, preparation of documentation, and general secretarial services.

  • Virtual Office Services: $120.00/month

Services involve the receipt and resending of mail, or holding such mail for client when client so instructs.

  • Billing/Invoicing Services: 10% of the Amount Involved
  • Tel. Services (receptionist services would be negotiated and billed separately): Cost+20%

Involves setting up a separate line for the client which is answered in the name of the company.

  • Bookkeeping Services: Hourly/Varies

Services include basic bookkeeping services performed by an affiliated CPA firm on Quickbooks or similar software.

  • Investigatory Services: Hourly based-varies depending on matter. Basic services range between $65 and $85 per hour

Services include individual background checks, corporate reports and investigatory services, forensics, and similar services.

  • Additional Services: Hourly/Varies
  • Global Trading and Agency Services: Percentage of Sales/Volume Based

Company serves as an independent agent or trading services provider in connection with global transactions, submitting purchase orders for goods or services on behalf of clients and arranging for their sale to client’s customers. After deduction of the Company’s commission, all residual income is paid to the client or its designee. This service is offered primarily to clients of our affiliated law firm who are establishing optimal structures for their global operations.

The Company is affiliated with the law firm of Ryerson & Associates, P.C., and with a local CPA firm which can render professional services when needed at their standard hourly rates, and with real estate developers and financial groups who can assist clients in investment projects and project funding.

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