MIKE ROSE as Director of Security


Thriving exponentially in fast-paced, highly-challenging, austere environments, Mike Rose is a highly-educated, assertive, entrepreneurial, mature, confident, and innovative, consummate professional with a proven track record of over 23 years of upper management and senior leadership experience. Mike as well, is goal-oriented, driven work ethic, possessing proven abilities to interact with General Staff and board-level personnel to reach targeted objectives. Steadily and successfully,Mike has acquired over 28 years of experience in both Federal and private sector industries, sensitive, intelligence-based operations, and high-risk projects planning, upstream direction and performance of international threat/risk assessments, physical security planning, team building, curriculum development and forces training.
As Director of Security for Ryerson and Associates, P.C., Mike ensures that the security functions of the Firm add value to its industry and focal marketplace, facilitating for the Firm, additional competitive advantage. Via the delivery of actionable industry, competition, and physical risk/threat analysis-driven intelligence, Mike administers and maintains policies to ensure physical safety of all property and assets owned by the organization, globally. Authors the protocol for and supervises the administration and operation of firm and clientele’s security equipment, protocol, and staff. When required, Mike facilitates and performs bilateral, interagency communication, with Federal and local law enforcement on all related security matters.
Mike also functions as Chief Executive Officer at Strategic Operations Advisors International, LLC., whichoffers private military and intelligence/counter-intelligence operations, risk management-mitigation, and high-value personnel protection and asset recovery firm.

Why Choose Ryerson & Associates?

  • Global Experience
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